No doubt that star cab taxi is the best in town. He showed 5 minute prior to

my scheduled pickup. Very professional and he drives great in snow weather.

I will recommend him to all my family and friends.—Stephanie B. -Burlington, VT


This was the second time we rode with Star, and again had a great

experience. The driver arrived about fifteen minutes early, and then waited

patiently outside until we could get finish up getting ready. Personable,

friendly driver; clean cab. Very happy to call again.–Jamie G. Burlington, VT


–We called Star cab twice during our stay in Burlington and they were super

prompt (he even called when he was running one minute behind). We were

picked up at the ferry and from where we were staying and there were no

problems. I will recommend this taxi service to all my friends and family.Alexis V. Lafayette, CO


Youness is extremely reliable and always willing to help!

Star Cab is great and deserves 5 STARS! Edith Brodsky, S Burlington VT